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Hot Wheels Play Mat

This mattel Hot Wheels playmat is excellent for your playmat collection! Features awesome graphics and is fabricated of durable canvas material, making it a splendid way for your playmat needs.

Matchbox Play Mat

This play mat is enticing for children who admire to play with cars and race them through the floor, the game board is fabricated of soft, plush fabric and is attached to the mat by some strong metal clips. The play mat is feeling very cold and i am not a big fan of winter, this is an unequaled matchbox car play mat first-rate for your car! The race track zoom is outstanding for holding your car as you race through the obstacles. The Hot Wheels rug is soft and smooth to walk on and off of, and the 44 is a practical size for your car! This is a playmat that is unrivalled for playing with your Hot Wheels cars! It is produced out of felt and is in a splendid condition for play. It is 1 of 31, 5 different cars that are included in the game. It is outstanding for keeping your cars entertained and will make you a star in playmat circles, the Hot Wheels felt mega playmat is a must-have for any Hot Wheels player out there. This playmat imparts everything you need to get your playmat game on! It is 1:31 of everything and is fabricated of 100% wool felt, it is further covered in random car patches and is meant to provide & guide play for just 1 playmat. This is an amazing addition to all Hot Wheels player's playmat collection.